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Contract, Permission Statement, Terms and Conditions

By booking a session you agree to the Contract, Permission Statement, and
Terms and Conditions listed below. 

The client officially states:
1. I agree to hypnotherapy performed by Martin Craanen..
2. I do understand the concept of hypnotherapy and procedures during the hypnotherapy sessions.
3. I truthfully completed the intake form.
4. All hypnotherapy sessions are confidential.
5. I agree to the fact that hypnotherapy does not replace medical treatment.
If applicable I will continue my medical treatment including the use of prescribed
6. I am aware that my hypnotherapist is registered and certified with IHR Register.
I do understand my related client-rights.
7. I do understand the outcome of the hypnotherapy is not guaranteed.
I release the hypnotherapist of any guarantees.

1. Initial Agreement
1.1. This contract states that client has entered into an official agreement for
the hypnotherapy services of Martin Craanen.
1.2. This service will take place on the date and time of the session.
1.3. This means that the services will be limited to this session.
1.4. The hypnotherapy services will be done through the hypnotherapy
techniques and methodology mentioned on the website of HypnoWorks.co.za.
2. Fee Agreement
The contract binds that a fee will be paid per hypnotherapy session.
3. Session Length
3.1 This contract binds that client has agreed to a session and that payment is to
comply with the payment agreement as marked under paragraph 2.
3.2 The following contract also binds that client and Martin Craanen
are allowed to agree on different session times.
4. Services
4.1 This contract and the clauses 1, 2, 3, bind that client has agreed to the
hypnotherapy services of Martin Craanen, hereafter to be referred to as the hypnotherapist.
4.2 This in part entails that that the client gives permission to the hypnotherapist to
address personal issues, refer to business failures and successes, use
hypnotherapy models, techniques, methodology and exercises to retrieve the root
of a describer problem or to use any tool to teach a skill or necessary action.
4.3 The hypnotherapist may do this through the format stated in clause 1.4.
4.4 By signing this contract the client promises to engage in a hypnotherapy session
that will involve sharing feelings and beliefs, as well as personal and business
5. Confidentiality
5.1 The hypnotherapist, agrees to keep all information shared within private sphere
confidential and to not share it with any third party unless in any case ordered so by law.
5.2 If ordered so by law the hypnotherapist has the automatic obligation to share
information that is requested.
5.3 The hypnotherapist is registered with IHR Register.
5.4 The hypnotherapist must oblige with the rules & regulations of the IHR Register,
and in specific with the code of ethics and conduct, the procedural requirements
and the rules for the handling of complaints & disciplinary action.
6. Complaints
6.1 All complaints against the hypnotherapist may be lodged with the IHR Register |
Global Network Group.
6.2 All complaints will be handled appropriately.
6.3 IHR Register and Global Network Group and any Global Network Group owned
entity is not responsible for the actions of the hypnotherapist.
7. Voluntary process and effectiveness
7.1 The hypnotherapist and the client agree and understand that a hypnotherapy
session and all required services are entirely voluntary.
7.2 Should the client not wish to share any information the hypnotherapist is obliged
to respect this.
7.3 The hypnotherapist may undermine the mutual bond of respect that a
hypnotherapy session upholds if he/she assumes an interrogator role.
7.4 However the client must accept that the less the hypnotherapist and the client
(they) share the less effective the hypnotherapist can do her / his job.
8. Guarantee
8.1 This contract does not enforce a guarantee.
8.2 Hypnotherapy is a timely and voluntary process which by this contract can be
cancelled any time however does not mean the hypnotherapist is liable for failure
to succeed.
9. Cancellations
9.1 The client must give a prescribed of one days’ notice when cancelling a
hypnotherapy session or an entire program.
9.2 In the case that the entire program is cancelled the parties must come to mutual
agreement of a compensation agreement.
9.3 Bookings a session or sessions mean that the client agrees to all
clauses described above.
10. Intake and targets
10.1 The hypnotherapist and client must complete an intake procedure.
10.2 The hypnotherapist and client must agree on 1 (or more) hypnotherapy targets
set aside in a separate (intake) document.
10.3 The client agrees with a hypnotherapist-permission-statement as part of the intake
procedure by making the booking of a session.
11. Client review and feedback, payment
11.1 The hypnotherapist can ask for a client review and feedback.
11.2 The hypnotherapist provides the client with a (online) review and feedback form.
11.3 The client has no obligation to complete the review and feedback form.
11.4 The client must pay the fee in accordance with the terms & conditions of the
12. Client-file
12.1 The hypnotherapist must hold a secured and personal client-file of each individual
13. Final clauses
13.1 Terms & conditions hypnotherapy. The terms and conditions hypnotherapy
apply and are listed below..
13.2 Disputes. Should a dispute occur because this contract does not (adequately)
cover a situation, the hypnotherapist is authorized to do his / her utmost to settle
this situation in an amicable way. If the hypnotherapist does not settle the
dispute, the dispute will be subject to mediation. If mediation is not successful,
the dispute will be brought before an authorized court.
13.3 Multilingual. In cases where more than one language is in use, English will be
the language of choice.
13.4 Law. These rules shall be governed by South African law only.


The general terms and conditions of the hypnotherapist apply.
In addition:
1. Any decisions or choices made as a result of the hypnotherapy session(s) and by
extension the consequences can in no way lead to any accountability for the
2. The hypnotherapy session is purely voluntary and the hypnotherapist is bound to
remain in a facilitating role.
3. The hypnotherapist will under no circumstance diagnose any medical condition,
nor does he/she have the authority to do so, unless separately accredited thereto
by an official medical body or government.
4. The hypnotherapist shall and by extension cannot be held accountable for any
incident or damage that stems from the participation in the hypnotherapy session
and/or the use of the hypnotherapy material(s) and techniques.
5. The hypnotherapist has the right to end the hypnotherapy session at any time. A
fee agreement must be made should there be any outstanding fees.
6. All information shared in any form of communication is held confidential and shall
never be sold, auctioned, traded or shared. The client reserves the right for
liability should this happen.
7. The hypnotherapist may never give any form of medical advice and is not
constituted to do so unless having acquired the proper qualifications.
8. The hypnotherapist in no way gives the guarantee of any form of outcome. The
hypnotherapist may as a result not be held accountable for the failure in part or
full of the satisfaction of the client.
9. The hypnotherapist holds a secured and personal client-file of each individual
10. Appointing the hypnotherapist and making a booking for a session is confirming the client-hypnotherapist-contract  and the clients accepts the terms and conditions hypnotherapy, declares the understanding of contents of the terms and conditions hypnotherapy and waives
the constituted rights as described in these terms and conditions hypnotherapy
and the client-hypnotherapist-contract.
11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by South African law only.