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Hypnosis has a long history.

6000 years ago, the Sumerians practiced it.
There’s evidence it was used in India, Egypt, Greece, and Italy in the centuries after.
Modern Hypnosis was introduced in the mid-18th century by Anton Mesmer.
Subsequently, the technique was further developed by Esdaile, Braid, Coué, Faria, Erickson and Dave Elman.
Recently, Bob Burns introduced another great technique called the ‘Swan’.
Hypnosis means circumventing the conscious part of our brain so as to access the subconscious directly.
To that end, numerous techniques were developed.
These techniques range from a slow-paced 30-minute relaxation exercise to a ‘shock’ technique followed by hypnosis.
All these techniques are intended to reach varying degrees of a state of mind, trance, of Hypnosis.
The ‘Swan’ technique doesn’t require that state of trance.

What that state of mind is subsequently used for is a different matter altogether.
In the entertainment business, it’s often used to make people – consensually – do hilarious things.
This has left an unprofessional imprint on Hypnosis.
It’s caused some people to fear becoming a helpless object.

Fascinatingly, Hypnosis can be used to make or induce powerful, positive changes in life.
In that sense, it’s therapeutic.
This is what it was meant for in the first place.
This is what I believe it was meant for.

Hypnosis is presently used therapeutically in various ways.
- Hypno-Therapies: various forms of Hypnosis characterized by a mild degree of trance whereby change in the subconscious is induced through indirect suggestions (stories). These techniques often span multiple 90-minute sessions involving a lot of talking and (occasional) painful moments of reflection. 

- PowerHypnosis: a powerful technique where the subconsciously is directly addressed during a deep state of Hypnosis. This includes short, direct instructions without dialogue.
That way it’s possible to achieve a fast, powerful and permanent result in just a few sessions.

- The ‘Swan’ is a new form of Hypnosis, and it’s impressively effective and efficient.
There’s no state of trance involved – hand movements are used to express the subconscious while the participant is fully conscious.

HypnoWorks uses PowerHypnosis and the ‘Swan’.