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Martin Craanen
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  • Born19 March 1963.
  • Married and father of 5 children.
  • Educated and experienced in behavioural adjustment techniques for treating fears and behavioral disorders.
  • Trained in using EMDR techniques for treating PTSS as a cause of (extreme) fear and behavioral problems.
  • Knowledge of and experience with psychological factors causing fear and traumatic experiences causing fear and disorders, such as sexual violence, bullying, and accidents.
  • Experienced in the Big Mind Voice Dialogue Technique.
  • Trained to use EFT.
  • Trained as Medical Hypnotist and IHR certified, Hypose Expert (C. Hc.).
  • IHR International Full Certified Medical-Hypnotherapist.
  • HVNL (Dutch Hypnosis Association)-registered Medical Hypnotherapist and HypnosisCoach.
  • Trained in applying the ‘Swan’ technique byBob Burns.
  • Trained and certified in applying the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure by Sheila Granger.  

 Practical Experience:

  • 25 years experience in treating fears and behavioural problems.
  • 15 years experience in coaching personal growth and development.
  • 20 years experience practicing and teaching Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Big Mind / EFT / Feeding Your Demons / Hypnosis / EMDR.