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A session goes as follows:

A Talk.
It’s important to know that the session is about you and your wellbeing.
Hypnosis is a natural process which will help you attain change within yourself.
It’s always possible to quit the session should you want to.
I’m saying this because some people are afraid to lose control while undergoing Hypnosis.
Fear is the biggest obstacle to a successful Hypnosis session.

We’ll discuss a number of things.
What are your experiences with Hypnosis?
What are your expectations?
What are you here for – what do you want to change or achieve?
Are you afraid? Fear renders Hypnosis useless.
This is why we’ll always discuss any fears you may have and do relaxation exercises if needed.

It’s important to know that Hypnosis can only work if my instructions are followed.
When I ask you to do something or suggest something, you will have to do so immediately and without hesitation.
You’re the one looking to undergo Hypnosis to solve your problems.

The Hypnotic Covenant.
In undergoing Hypnosis there are two key matters to take into account.
You’ll need a strong desire and be genuinely motivated to change something in your life using the Hypnosis I will be using.
In other words: do you want to get rid of your problem and are you looking Hypnosis to achieve that?
Moreover, you need to trust the person who’s going to help you do that – your Hypnosis expert.
In other words: do you trust me?
You’d have to answer both questions with a resounding ‘YES’.

The Technique.
In order to obtain access to your subconscious you’ll perform an excersise.
We have a number of techniques.
Which technique I’ll be using depends on what fits you best.

kracht klein.jpgThe Change Work.
The real treatment starts once there’s access to the subconscious mind and involves offering verbal suggestions.
This includes new thoughts, feelings, or corporal images. 
All that is part of reprogramming the subconscious mind to help you achieve the change or liberation of your preference.

Concluding the session.
After we’ve concluded making changes your state of Hypnosis will be ended.
You’ll be calm, relaxed, aware and alert and you will feel better than before.

During Hypnosis we’ve reprogrammed part of your subconscious.
This has solved your problems and allows you to function better and achieve your goals.
But as you’ve been programming your subconscious mind all your life, it’s possible to
overwrite these changes again.
This can happen if you continue to dwell on (old) negative thoughts, emotions, or activities.
Repeating these thoughts is a negative force.

If you have occasional doubts about whether you will really lose enough weights, the new, positive programming will help you stay on course to achieve your target.
But if you continue to fill your head with irresponsible thoughts, for instance by telling yourself repeatedly that you won’t make it, you slowly revert the changes you’ve made.
When that happens it’s a good idea to use Hypnosis to also address your negative self-image or fear of failure.
Besides this, there may be Echos.
There aren’t the problems you solved, but rather the effects they had on your day-to-day life coming back to haunt you, making it seem like nothing has changed.
Holding on to those is a negative force.
Learn to recognize those moment and hold your course!

So what do you have to do!
It’s a good idea to regularly and convincingly remind yourself – out loud -  of the goals or changes you’re looking to achieve, after the Hypnosis session.
This isn’t very difficult as you’ve already internalized these ideas in your subconscious mind so they’ll come out instantaneously.
Repetition is key!
That way you install and entrench the reprogramming deeper and more permanently so that it continues to work throughout your life.
And should you be confronted with issues, effects, resulting from the problems you have addressed, you can be sure you will this time deal with them differently and that you have the power to do so.