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Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is exceptionally suitable if you want to stop smoking.
Becoming a non-smoker.

The ‘Stop Smoking’ treatment is one of my specialities.
With exceptionally good results.

stoppen met roken.jpgYou know that you can’t stop smoking through reason.
It may be that you tried.
You don’t have control over it.
You continue to have cravings and urges.
And you experience withdrawal symptoms.
This is because you’re an ex-smoker when you force yourself to stop.
The smoking program is still embedded in your system.
That program causes everything.

Hypnosis informs your subconscious mind that the smoking program is no longer required and even harmful.
It requests your subconscious mind to remove the program.

Without the smoking program you’re a NON-smoker.
No urges, no cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, and no relapses.

All you need is a strong Will to stop smoking.
You will also need to be genuinely motivated.
On a scale from 0-10, you should definitely feel your Will to stop is 9 or 10.
Otherwise, there’s no use undergoing Hypnosis.
Please note: a Will is different from Will Power.
If you say ‘I really want to stop but I can’t’, you can be assured Hypnosis will help.
Whether you smoke 4 cigarettes, of 4 packs of cigarettes a day.
Once the program is deleted, you won’t feel inclined anymore in either case.

Stop struggling.

All of this happens during a tranquil and relaxed Hypnosis session.
You can smoke your last cigarette or cigar before the session.
You then throw away everything to do with smoking.
Once you’ve done that, you do the session and become a non-smoker!

See you soon!